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The Purina 3003124-206 Nature’s Match Sow and Pig Complete Feed is a flexible, complete, 16% protein, all-characteristic feed that gives all the nourishment from 25 lb. to advertise weight, in addition to the reproducing group. This total feed can be taken care of to developing pigs, completing pigs, creating gilts, lactating, and gestating sows and hogs. It gives all the pig sustenance required from 25 lbs to development. It arrives in a pelleted structure for simply taking care of, less residue and improved transformation. The Purina Sow and Pig Feed is definitely figured in supplements to streamline development and execution.
  • Gives all the pig nourishment required from 25 lbs to development
  • Pelleted structure for simply taking care of, less residue and improved change
  • Improves flowability through feeders
  • Purina Sow and Pig Feed is exactly planned in supplements to improve development and execution
  • 16% protein with a fair amino corrosive recipe
  • Utilizing natural selenium implies improved bio-accessibility, expanded bio-action and better maintenance for use in numerous significant metabolic pathways, including resistance
  • Pharmacological copper levels and supplemental chromium to help sow profitability, for example, brought into the world alive
  • Nature’s Match Sow and Pig total feed’s fixings and plan decrease compost phosphorus discharge
  • Contains innovations to help diminish alkali discharge from fertilizer
  • Ruminant meat and bone feast free


Specification Description
Brand Purina
Warranty N/A
Animal Compatibility Pig
Country of Origin Made in USA
Feed Type Versatile, complete, 16% protein, all-natural feed.
Form Pelleted
Life Stage All lifestages
Package Size 50 lb.
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Special Diet One product that can be fed to growing pigs, finishing pigs, developing gilts, lactating and gestating sows and boars.
Volume 50 lb.
Manufacturer Part Number 3003124-206
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