Chicken Breast

A chicken breast is the pectoral muscle from a chicken, and is one of the most popular cuts of poultry. It is a versatile meat that is naturally lean, provided the skin is removed prior to cooking. It contains vitamins, minerals and protein that boost the nutritional value of your meals.
Frozen Chicken Breast
Products  Description
Chicken Breast :
Sizes:  (2.5kg x 4 pcs =10kg)  & (2.5kg x 5 pcs = 12.5kg)
Packing: 10kg & 12.5kg in carton.
Load Ability:  13.5 Ton in 1×20 & 27 Tons in 1×40 reefer.
Certificate:  (1). Certificate of Thailand, (2). Health Certificates.
Quantity In Cartons:  4 & 5 packs in carton
country of Origin : Shelf Life :
Brazil and Austria 12 Months shelf life.
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